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Baker’s Bookkeeping and Tax Services is an e-Commerce and Brick & Motor Retail specialist.  When looking for a fast paced cloud based technology driven firm, Baker’s Bookkeeping is the one that you want to work with.  We believe that you should know what your financials are daily, our staff touches your books everyday so that you can make the right decisions about your companies direction based on today’s financials and not yesterday’s history.  We move quickly so that you can make informed decisions, faster.

While many companies work with many different industries, Baker’s Bookkeeping work with the one industry, so that make us the specialist you want for your e-Commerce and Retail companies.   We have built our services around this industry, so that we can provide the right solutions for our clients.

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Elizabeth Baker joined the Baker’s Bookkeeping team in January of 2017, when she needed a change from working in the customer service industry.  She has over 18 years of customer service experience that she brings to our company.  She has great communication skills, whether it be over the phone, or in person, her compassion for our clients really brings a great dynamic to our team.   Along with her bookkeeping role at Baker’s Bookkeeping, she specializes in the on boarding process to get our clients...


Elizabeth Baker

CanDee Baker, is the owner of Baker’s Bookkeeping & Tax Services, bring over 30 years experience working in the Corporate America in the commerce wholesale industry.  CanDee is a Certified Profit First Mastery member, working with many clients to teach them the principles of the Profit first method.  As a member of the as a ProAdvisor and a member of the Intuit Reseller network, she has the ability to get our clients the best deals available for their software needs.  When working in corporate America, CanDee realized...


Candee Baker

Michelle began her career as a bookkeeper working for a non-profit organization for people with special needs after attending college and completing her degree in accounting. She moved up quickly by taking on the job as the administrative assistant while also doing the company’s books.

Putting the client’s needs first has always been her priority. With a professional and friendly attitude, Michelle makes the bookkeeping process understandable for clients. She pursues the minute details...


Michelle Fay

Tammy joined Bakes Bookkeeping in 2010, and has been in the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry for over 25 years, first as an owner of a large Las Vegas service company until she sold her share in this company.  Tammy’s experience ranges from preparing records for Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable, Payroll.  She specializing in ensuring the integrity of accounting information ad client records. Tammy brings both many years of experience in the Accounting industry with  then with Baker's...


Tammy Sandoval



Accounts Payable Clerk

JOB SUMMARY: Compiles and maintains accounts payable records.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Checks and approves all vouchers for payment with client.




JOB SUMMARY: Maintains client's financial records.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Checks figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy, and proper codes.



Accounts Receivable Clerk

JOB SUMMARY: Records payments to customers' accounts and maintains accounts receivable records.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Prepares daily cash deposits.



Administrative Assistant

JOB SUMMARY: Performs varied secretarial and administrative duties for an administrative department.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Composes and produces business correspondences, reports and related materials or guides the work of other staff who produce these materials.



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